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About Shoutdot™

Shoutdot is a Social Intelligence company that transforms the way enterprises create and promote products with Biasphere™, a breakthrough consumer insights platform that monitors and analyzes online social media for intent-to-act signals.

Biasphere™ is a 360° advanced research environment that collects emotion laden consumer discussion from popular social media sites, then filters and categorizes the content using advanced data mining processes and a proprietary emotional framework.

Shoutdot's patent pending technology and methodology uniquely reveals how consumers are emotionally invested in key product attributes and can predict future brand performance.

Biasphere™ Social Media Reports measure the deep emotional undercurrents that drive curiosity and acceptance, key indicators of intent-to-act. Powerful insights are derived from social impulses that are ignored or not present in conventional survey and sentiment research methods.

Biasphere™ Social Media Reports help brand owners innovate new products and features by identifying high acceptance-high curiosity attributes.

Shoutdot Management

John MacKinnon
John MacKinnon is the CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of Shoutdot Inc. John has been inventing and delivering innovative technology solutions for more than twenty five years. He has managed in several founding and leadership roles including: BrandIntel Ltd as Chief Technology Officer in the social media research sector; CEO at Yo Inc where he delivered the world's first Trusted Connectivity platform enabling enterprises to collaborate securely over the Internet, at Swiftech Inc, as Founder and CTO he pioneered first generation CRM systems and at Merlin International Inc, as CEO & President he innovated global logistics networks for just-in-time manufacturers. John also served as Senior Director at Hummingbird Communications where he advanced a number of breakthrough Internet initiatives.

Alan Dean
Alan Dean is Shoutdot's President and Chief Research Officer. Alan has been in the forefront of new technologies and methodologies in marketing research for twenty five years. He has pioneered Internet-based research tools in various roles prior to joining Shoutdot. Alan's portfolio includes extensive experience with consumer sentiment research, advertising research and brand equity modeling. Clients have included many Fortune 1000 companies from the automotive, pharmaceutical, entertainment and financial services sectors. Previously Alan held senior positions including VP of Research at BrandIntel, Partner at Thompson Lightstone (now part of Maritz), and Sr. VP at Ipsos. Alan holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business.

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