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Biasphere™ Social Media Reports

Biasphere™ Social Media Reports help brand owners see how consumers perceive their products and services at core emotional levels. Unexpected insights are derived from previously undetected social impulses that are ignored or not present in conventional survey and sentiment research methods.

Biasphere Reports are available in standard out-of-the box formats or customized on demand.

Biasphere™ Social Media Reports:

  • Reveal deep emotional undercurrents that drive Curiosity and Acceptance across categories and at the product feature level.
  • Increase sales by improving product alignment with core demand drivers, and by focusing market positioning and messaging.
  • Reduce costs by identifying low priority, low ROI product development and marketing activities.
  • Are a fresh bold response to the growing demand for effective social media research and insights tools.

Biasphere™ Social Media Reports include:

Trusted Types Analyses

Trusted Types are ideal product configurations based on the analysis of emotional signals in social media content. Raw consumer discussion is captured and processed in real time revealing critical factors driving buying decisions below the conscious threshold.

Hundreds of product attributes are ranked and clustered based on emotional data in thousands of blogs, forums and social networks. Curiosity and Acceptance levels define which features matter the most and which are simply nice to have.

Shoutdot's unique Core Attribute Profiles™ (CAP) Scores identify real-world feature groupings that consistently produce the highest Acceptance-Curiosity values. Segment leading brands exhibiting profiles that best approximate 'Segment Ideal' are rated as Trusted Types.

Trusted Types - Smart Phone Leaders

Trusted Types analyses produces emotional heat maps of strengths and weaknesses that deliver a penetrating view of overall brand Acceptance.

CAP Score Evaluation

CAP Scores™ are a consumer based report card of brand health. CAP Scores™ are used to compare your product's Core Attribute Profile to Trusted Types and other competing brands.

Market leaders with the highest CAP™ Scores consistently produce higher levels of intent to buy signals in social media content.

The good news is that any brand can potentially assume the leadership position in any segment or category by consistently producing the highest CAP™ Score.

The bad news is that brands exhibiting low CAP™ Scores have the lowest levels of Curiosity and Acceptance regarding critical attributes and will trail in market performance in the near term.

Emotional Momentum Charts

Emotional Momentum Charts are a unique and powerful, forward looking analyses that projects consumer intent-to-act based on the emotional drivers of anticipation, vigilance and imminent purchase.

Emotional Momentum is produced by primary urges that are not detected through cognitive analytic approaches such as sentiment scoring. More than just anticipating growth, Emotional Momentum accounts for underlying pressures acting for and against your product and provides unprecedented insight into alternative product development strategies.

Emotional Momentum Charts are used to simulate future market performance based on attribute realignment scenarios.

Emotional Momentum - Smart Phone Leaders

Core Feature Diagnostics

Core Feature Diagnostics takes a deep dive into consumer discussion associated with core attributes to learn how your products are emotionally invested and prioritized by your customers.

Discover how the same features can have entirely different implications and values across brands when primitive motivators are carefully examined and compared.

While brand owners are compelled to develop a range of features to compete within their segments, consumers gravitate to attributes that may not synch with the brand's rationalized priorities.

The true "why" in buy is that consumption is largely an emotional experience that is driven by hidden impulses. Biasphere Social Media Reports reveal a consistent consumer landscape beneath the scoial noise.

Core Feature Diagnostics take the guesswork out of which feature to prioritize and suggests new product opportunities with prevailing high Acceptance factors.

Loyalty and Attrition Tracking

Fluctuations in Curiosity levels are used to measure brand loyalty and predict attrition levels going forward. Dramatic or sudden decreases in anticipation and vigilance signals are carefully monitored and compared to baseline values. Negative deviations are actionable early warning alarms that contain direct insight to underlying product and competitive issues.

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